Athena Security's "Turn Around" Feature: Understanding and Utilizing It Effectively

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The "Turn Around" feature in Athena Security's operator station provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of your weapons detection system (WDS) as a deterrent. It allows you to track instances where individuals turn away from the entrance after seeing the WDS, either because they realize they are carrying a weapon or are simply deterred by the security measures.

Why the "Turn Around" Feature Matters

  • Deterrence Data: Capturing turn around data helps you quantify the WDS's preventive impact. This is crucial information for evaluating your security strategy and making informed decisions about resource allocation.
  • Enhanced Security: Knowing when individuals turn around allows you to take appropriate action, such as discreetly monitoring the person or engaging in a conversation to determine their intent.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: The "Turn Around" feature provides administrators with valuable data to assess the effectiveness of their security measures and make data-driven decisions to optimize safety.

How to Use the "Turn Around" Feature

  1. Identify a Turn Around: When an individual approaches the WDS and then turns away without proceeding through the screening process, this constitutes a "turn around."
  2. Click the "Turn Around" Button: As soon as you observe a turn around, click the "Turn Around" button in your operator station.
  3. Capture the Moment: Clicking the button captures a photo of the individual, providing a visual record even if they don't enter the WDS.
  4. Weapon Declaration: If the person declares that they have a weapon, be sure to click the "Turn Around" button even if they are going to proceed through screening.

Important Considerations:

  • Timely Action: Click the button as soon as the person turns away. The system is designed to capture the most accurate photo possible.
  • Discretion: Use the feature discreetly to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to the individual.
  • Data Analysis: Review the "Turn Around" data regularly to gain insights into trends and patterns that can inform your security strategies.

The Importance of Turn Around Data

Athena Security's data reveals that many facilities experience more turn arounds than actual weapons detections. This highlights the significant deterrent effect of a visible WDS. By tracking turn arounds,administrators can better understand the full impact of their security measures, not just the incidents where weapons are found.

Using the Data to Your Advantage:

  • Resource Allocation: Turn around data can help you justify the investment in security technology and allocate resources effectively.
  • Security Protocols: Identifying patterns in turn around behavior can guide adjustments to your security protocols and placement of the WDS.
  • Communication: Share the data with stakeholders to demonstrate the value of your security measures and advocate for continued investment.

Let us know if you have any further questions about the "Turn Around" feature!

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