Athena Security's "Voluntary" Feature: Documenting Voluntary Weapon Surrenders

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The "Voluntary" feature in Athena Security's operator station is designed to track a specific type of turn around: when an individual approaches the Weapons Detection System (WDS), turns away, and then voluntarily declares possession of a weapon without returning to their vehicle or proceeding through screening. This feature allows you to document these incidents, providing valuable insights into the deterrent effect of the Weapons DetectionSystem's (WDS) and ensuring accurate reporting. Additionally, it now includes a critical function for capturing photo evidence of confiscated items.

Why the "Voluntary" Feature is Important

  • Tracking Voluntary Surrenders: This feature allows for the precise tracking of incidents where individuals willingly surrender weapons after seeing the WDS, even if they do not pass through it.
  • Data Accuracy: The "Voluntary" feature ensures that your security data accurately reflects the WDS's impact on voluntary weapon surrenders.
  • Incident Documentation: Clicking the button generates a report that captures the details of the incident, including a photo of the individual, the time, and any additional notes entered by the officer.  (all questions on report are customizable by each account holder)
  • Photographic Evidence: The report now includes a dedicated section for capturing a photo of the confiscated weapon. This provides a clear record of the item's condition and type at the time of surrender, which can be invaluable for legal or evidentiary purposes.

How to Use the "Voluntary" Feature

  1. Identify a Voluntary Surrender: When an individual approaches the Weapons DetectionSystem's (WDS), turns away, and then voluntarily declares possession of a weapon without returning to their vehicle or going through screening, this is considered a voluntary surrender.
  2. Click the "Voluntary" Button: As soon as the voluntary surrender is declared, click the "Voluntary" button in your operator station.
  3. Report Generation: Clicking the button automatically generates a report that includes a photo of the individual, the time, and any additional notes you enter.
  4. Secure the Weapon: Follow your established protocols for safely securing the surrendered weapon.
  5. Photograph the Weapon: Before storing or disposing of the weapon, use the "Voluntary" report interface to take a clear photo of the item. This photo will be automatically attached to the incident report.

Key Points to Remember

  • Data Insights: The "Voluntary" data, including photo evidence, provides a comprehensive understanding of your WDS's effectiveness.
  • Communication: Use the data generated by the "Voluntary" feature, including photos, to communicate the Weapons DetectionSystem's value to stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Legal Considerations: Photographic evidence of confiscated items can be crucial in legal proceedings and disputes over ownership or condition.

By diligently using the "Voluntary" feature and documenting confiscated items, you contribute to a more transparent and effective security environment, ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone at your facility.

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