Athena Weapon Detection System 4.3.6

Modified on Fri, 03 May 2024 at 09:22 AM

Release notes: Version 4.3.6

Release date: Feb 28, 2024

New Features on WDS and VMS✨

  1. VMS and CRM. We have created fast print option for the VMS app, so the customers can have shortcuts for the departments they want, and print them with the preferred settings in one click. Also we have added a functionality on the CRM section for the departments, that allows the customers to add fast print options for the departments easily, and manage the print settings in one place on the backend, instead of setting them up in the ipads

  2. VMS and CRM. We have created an option to delete the visitor entries on the Manager side without printing. This is helpful if there are visitors that added their entries but didnt go to Attendance desk for the print, and left the location.

  3. VMS and CRM. Added new print label design based on the customer request, so now they have two possible design options for the printed labels.

  4. VMS and CRM. Added Reset button on all stages of the registration, to allow to reset the flow in case of an issue.

  5. VMS and CRM. Added Refresh button on the manager side to do the manual refresh on their side and download all the lists of the visitors right away.

  6. VMS and CRM. Added functionality to lock the Boxes to the Serial Number of the selected iPads, so it wont be possible to log in to the box and sign out the previous session. And only the authorized devices will be able to log in to the box.

  7. VMS and CRM. Updated the UI of the VMS app, for better usability and UX.

  8. VMS and CRM. Added functionality for phone number validation in the flow, so users will see the format of the phone number that is required, and get notified if the entered format is wrong

  9. VMS and CRM. Added possibility to have different Policies for each selected language available in the VMS app. Customers can select the policies for each language they use in the location, and we will also backup the selected files, so they wont have the need to add them again after reinstall.

  10. VMS and CRM. Updated the SDK for the printer we use. Added Autoconnection for the Printers in case the connection was lost, or the app was restarted. Added error messages for possible issues with the printer, so the customers can easily understand the issues with the printer and know what to do to fix them.

  11. VMS and CRM. Added functionality that will detect if the Drivers License was not taken from the slot, and will run a voice command reminding the visitors to take their drivers license back. 

  12. VMS. USB Connection profile for printer connection.

  13. VMS. Background sync mode. In case of the bad connection all visitor data will be kept in the device and automatically synced when the connection is stable.

  14. VMS and WDS. Detect it drivers license is expired and send an alert on WDS and highlight visitor on VMS Manager side. 

  15. WDS. Updated the app to use the Boxes instead of the legacy Camera entities in all reports.

  16. WDS. Updates on the filters and search functionalities of the reports, allowing to remember the last state of the filter parameters. Fixes for the Alerts page filters, that 

  17. WDS. We have created new "Turnoround" event type for the customers, so they can track if any visitor has turned around after seeing the metal detectors. This way they can have the reporting on this type of events as well.

  18. WDS. Easy password reset functionality for the users. Easy way to unlock the blocked users for the Super Admin users and Support team.

  19. Upgraded Wrong Direction or evasion detection to now have body tracking enhancements with apple Vision

  20. Created "voluntary" button much like "turn around" fiction but now with "Prohibited item logging" by homeland security best practices for weapons detection system

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