Athena Weapons Detection System 1.47

Modified on Wed, 06 Dec 2023 at 02:02 PM

Release notes: Version 1.47.14

Release date: Nov 30, 2023

New Features

  • New image recognition model: We've launched an upgraded image recognition model that significantly enhances accuracy in outdoor conditions that are challenging scenarios, this upgrade also provides  more precise and situation-specific alerts such  as left pole has no power instead of standard alert “ misconfigure”

  • Separated Alerts for Operator and Controller: Now we will highlight if the alert comes from the operator or from the controller, to easier navigate the issue and fix it.

  • System check alerts on the controller: We've improved our system to identify and spotlight all potential issues

     with the controller and the poles. These specific alerts will simplify the process of addressing and resolving pole-related problems.

  • Reset Button: Now it will be easier to reset the app from its menu. This will clear app related services, restart them, and restart the app. Will work both on the Operator and on the Controller.
  • Troubleshooting functionality: Now, if you encounter a system issue, the new troubleshooting mode will allow Athena’s internal staff to help address the issues faster.  This data that is sent  is retained for 10 minutes before being auto-deleted, safeguarding your information's security. 
  • Managing the IPad settings from the back-end: Now, it's possible for support staff to push settings to the weapons detection app with out needing on-site staff assistance.  
  • IRR data selection for different user time zones: We have fixed known bugs in IRR for report date selection. And will also convert all dates to user time-zone, for easier navigation..
  • Easier reporting for alerts: Now it will be easier to clear alerts if your filter is open to see more then object detected. 
  • WDS test for controller: Now it will be possible to perform WDS test from the operator, in case the controller is out of the reach.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug with alerts not appearing in Web View Fixed: In some cases the alerts were not updated automatically in the Web View. We found the reason of the issue and fixed it, so now all alerts will be updated automatically on all views.
  • Bug or freezing image in case of the security officer check-in Fixed: In some cases, during the officer check in, the system was freezing if lost internet and user selected option.   Now its fixed and won't appear anymore.
  • Bug for duplicated alerts on the Operator is Fixed: For some users and some alert types, the alerts might appear duplicated on the operator screen. We have fixed the issue, and no more duplicates will appear for the operator.

New Version link to download from App Store found here Walk Through Metal Detector / Weapons Detection System 4.3.2

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