Sub-Optimal Performance Correction For CEIA OPENGATE Pole Width detection feature: How Athena Ensures Accurate Weapon Detection Screening

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The CEIA OPENGATE, is a popular hardware setup for Athena's Weapons Detection System (WDS), this configuration relies on precise pole placement for optimal detection. While the system can operate with pole widths ranging from 28 to 41 inches, optimal performance is achieved when the poles are set 30 inches apart and not moved.

Why Pole Width Matters

Even a slight deviation from the 30-inch setting can significantly impact detection accuracy. The system automatically configures its detection distance upon startup, based on the pole width. Any movement – even an inch – can alter this distance, leading to suboptimal performance of the system.

Common Causes of Pole Movement

Pole movement can occur due to various reasons, including:

  • Lack of secure installation: Systems not bolted down can easily be shifted.

  • Accidental impacts: People kicking, bumping, or leaning on the poles.

  • Wheelchairs and walkers: These can sometimes bump or push against the poles.

How Athena Helps

Athena's WDS, powered by AI, continuously monitors the pole distance of your CEIA OPENGATE. If it detects even a minor shift, the officer running the system will receive an alert on the operator tablet detailing the original and current settings. 

This prompt notification allows you to quickly adjust the poles back to the optimal settings from installation which is usually 30-inch distance but does vary according to each installation needs as some may need 34 for wheelchair ADA compliance, ensuring the highest level of detection accuracy.

Environmental Factors and Pole Width

Environmental conditions can also influence the system's ideal pole width. While widening the poles slightly (e.g., to 32 inches) may seem inconsequential, it can increase the system's energy consumption and sensitivity to interference. This heightened sensitivity can lead to false positives, even after a system reboot and reconfiguration.

Key Recommendations

  • Secure installation: Ensure your CEIA OPENGATE is securely bolted down to prevent accidental movement.

  • Regular checks: Periodically verify the pole width, especially in high-traffic areas. (Athena’s install team usually marks the ground to help guide you to the original pole width.)

  • Athena monitoring: Rely on Athena's AI to proactively alert you of any pole movement.

  • Consider environmental factors: If you experience persistent false positives, consult with Athena support to determine the optimal pole width for your specific environment.

By understanding the importance of pole width and utilizing Athena's intelligent monitoring, you can maximize the accuracy and effectiveness of your CEIA OPENGATE with Athena’s weapon detection Software.

What alert looks like on the Athena Control center from weapons detection console.

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