Weapon Detection Product Item Checklist: Please ensure all items are here.

1) Ipad Pro and one iPad Air  (iPad air is optional for alert viewing and tagging)

2) Thermal Camera (only if doing temperatures replaced with lidar sensor)

3) 1 Stand or mount

4) Camera Power Cable

5) Power Backup Unit (if needed)

6) 20 ft ethernet cable

7) Extension cord

8) USB-C and ethernet adapter

9) Caddie buddy with 3 parts

10) 2 ft ethernet cable

11) Surge, protector,


Steps To Install

1)    Setup the stand or mount

    ●    Unpack and set up or install

    ●    Adjust height preference.

2)    Assemble caddie buddy/iPad mount:

    ●    Place it on the stand mount and turn it right and left until you hear it click

3)    Assemble thermal camera: (Skip if no temperature detection  and skip 4)

    ●    Place it on top of caddie buddy and fasten it

4) Install and Configure Ipad:

a)    Under settings, select ethernet and ensure manual is selected

b)    Configure IP

c)    IP address

d)    Subnet Mask

e)    (Caddie Buddy) Lock the four handles to the iPad

f)    Next, plug in the Belkin USB C adapter to the iPad

g)  Step 4 should ship pre-configured from Athena's warehouse.  Only configure IP settings if purchased iPad, not from Athena. 

h)    Then connect a to the Belkin power supply

i)    Connect the red cross-over

j) Plug Red Crossover adapter to the thermal device

k)    Ensure cables are inserted fully.

l)    Connect the Apple-certified power adapter to the Belkin device.

o)    Plug the AC adapter into the back of the thermal camera.


A.    Set up and position poles 32-39 “ apart.

B.    Turn on the M Pole switch near the battery at the bottom of the frame.

C.    The S Pole power switch is on the opposite side of the handlebar.

D.    When both poles are On, it takes 60 seconds for them to configure themselves and pair to each other.  There should be no moving metals or vibration during this 60 second setup period.

E.    The poles will have a Green light on the top LEDs. If there are spiraling lights or red lights after this 60 second setup period, then consult the manual.  Most likely, the poles are not oriented correctly.  The “Transit” side of each pole -

F.    should be facing the other pole’s transit side.

G.    If they do not turn on, power-reset the master pole (pole M) by turning it off and on. Use the Opengate app to troubleshoot if the poles do not configure.

H.    Once the poles are synced, you can open Athena Security on the iPad.

I.    Make sure that there is not moving metal within 24” of the OPENGATE.  This includes doors and chairs, which could give a false positive.  Every time OPENGATE is moved, it must be turned off, and back on again to recalibrate.

1. Determine your organization’s Goals, Threat Matrix, and Security Operating

Procedures.  Pick your settings based on NILECJ standard according to the threat level for the day.

2. Athena Provides Information On How The System Functions- Athena Concealed Weapons Detection Solution Brief.pdf

3. Component Guides:

a. Apple iPad link

b. Thermal Camera link concealed gun detection | Athena | Entryway Security (athena-security.com)

c. CEIA OPENGATE Hardware 


d. Wire and Connections

Camera Power Cable

Red Crossover adapter

20 ft ethernet cable

Extension cord

USB-C and ethernet adapter

2 ft ethernet cable

e. Athena Control Center link -


f. Athena App on iPad



g. Athena Alerts App IOS Entryway Security with Apple IOS App for the Walk Through Metal Detector System | Athena | Entryway Security (athena-security.com)

h. Athena Alert App on android Android Mobile App Walk-Through | Athena | Entryway Security (athena-security.com)



4. Space Planning and Layout Design

Guide- https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Hh82Sg0Oz--CcWCk5CcqawK_1CX8QeHLm


5. Aesthetic Options-

6. How to use Athena Support-

Email- support@athena-security.com,

Call-833-928-4362 x 2 (Monday-Friday; 8am - 6pm PT)

Athena Security Help Desk Ticket (website) https://support.athena-security.com/support/home