Weapons Detection System Reporting Feature

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Weapons Detection System Reporting Feature

Feature Overview

The Weapons Detection System Reporting feature is a repository of all of the data captured from the Athena Weapons Detection System and information inputted from officers during the secondary screening process.  It is important to note that the more information captured by the security staff within the system will lead to more usable data in the reporting feature.  This feature allows for administrators to have a high level snapshot of what items are being found at their screening locations as well as the total number of visitors that come through the screening location. 

Feature Operation

Once you log into the Athena Control Center (https://wds.athena-security.com) on the left side of the screen you will see “WDS Reporting” and under that you will have four options for the reports you can obtain from the system.  They are WDS, IRR, WDS Test, and Objects scans

We will go through each of the reports next.

WDS Report

Within the WDS Report data will be divided into four tables.

  1. Total Visitors, Max Hourly Visitors, and Clear Rate

  2. Detected Objects by Class

  3. Clear and Alert Rates by hour

  4. Hourly Visitors and Alerts

These tables will give you a high level overview of your screening locations for a given date range.  If you have more than one station you will also be able to switch between those stations to see each station’s data. These tables may also be exported to a PDF file, or in the WDS Settings you can set up for reports to be sent to specific individuals on a daily or weekly basis.

IRR Report

If you are using the Incident Response Reporting Feature, this report will be the repository of the data collected in those reports.  In the IRR settings you will be able to select which fields can be selected for this report as well as being able to turn on the IRR Track feature which allows your organization to “Close” reports.  This report can be exported to CSV.

WDS Test Report

The WDS Test report will show you what days Verification of Calibration tests were performed on your systems as well as how many that day.  The cadence in which these tests are performed will be determined by your organization. It is encouraged that an organization tests the system every 6 months as a minimum.

Objects scans Report

The Objects scans Report will allow you to see a breakdown of the objects detected by your screening locations as well as your clear rate for a given date range.  This report as well can be set up to send out an email to a select group of individuals on a predetermined cadence.  Within this report you will want to ensure that your “Controller” unit is selected as well as the type of objects you want populated within the report.  This report can be exported to a CSV file as well.

Additional Features

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