Real-Time Alerts & Athena Control Center with CEIA OPENGATE

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This solution produces Real-Time Alerts, which are generated from the Controller Unit and the platform with CEIA OPENGATE and Athena WDS. The Real-Time Alerts can be viewed on the Operator Unit or the Athena App, or a web browser. The web browser is called The Athena Control Center located at The Athena Entryway Security app for Weapons Detection is where to find the App for alerts of the CEIA OPENGATE and ATHENA WDS.  Learn how to use the Real-Time Alerts app here with CEIA OPENGATE. Continue reading below to learn how to use the Athena Control Center (ACC) Website.

In case of a loss of connectivity for CEIA OPENGATE or Athean WDS, the operator and controller tablets will continue to cache and attempt resending for 24 hours.

Types of Alerts

ObjectDetected, Clear, System Alerts like (Low Battery, Wrong Direction, etc) and the other features that your organization chooses to utilize like (Office Check-in, Person of Interest, VIP, Low Battery, Pre-Check, etc) will all appear as the total list of Alerts. Operators can select to view any sub-set of alerts by selecting the pick-list values. 

Tips From The Field

Viewing the Real-Time Alerts from the App or the Browser allows the user to select a subset of Alerts by Alert Type. If you have access to multiple Locations, and multiple devices, those will be available in a drop-down menu.   For example, if you are looking for an alert where the person trying to evade CEIA OPENGATE then you would filter by alert type named "Wrong Way". and thus you will find the person that tried to evade the system. 

How to use the Athena Control Center (ACC)

1. Log in to the Athena Admin Control Center  (ACC) with the Username and Password provided by Athena Support or your organization's administrator, who can create, delete, and manage users.

Login at

Once logged in, the Alerts view is the default view, and you can always return to this view by clicking on "Alerts" below Navigation on the top of the Left Bar. Also, in the top left bar, you will see your organization's name. iosapp is the name of our demonstration environment below.

admin console alerts page

2. Click on Objects Scans to see reporting on how many people you have scanned for the day, week or month and see how many objects have been alerted on.

3. See here in the report: 

Real-Time Alert Analysis: 

(1.) Total personnel scanned 

(2.) Total scanned that are clear 

(3.) Total objects detected

4. WDS stands for Weapons Detection System: With generates it's data from the Real-Time Alerts, and the Alert Resolution feedback loop.

The WDS report shows total visitors by hour, total vistors for the day, clear rate in a non controlled environment which means visitors can bring whatever they want into the facility. 

Weapons Detection Report Card 2

The next graph on the WDS report explains by object class what came into your facility. This is the Alert Resolution data that is input, collected, and now displayed in the report.  The last graph at the bottom, explains clear rate by hour for that day.

Weapons Detection Report Card

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