1. Log in to the Athena Admin Control Center 

Once logged in, the Alerts view is the default view. In the top left, you will see your organization's name. iosapp is the name of our demonstration environment below.

admin console alerts page

2. In the left control panel, click Users. This will bring you to the enterprise user management page.


If you do not see the Users button, then you may not have been assigned the required role to complete this action. You will need to contact your organization administrator for access.

select users to create a user

3. Click New in the top right bar to create a new user. 

click new admin screen for adding a user

4. Enter the following user details.

5. Selecting the SEND ALERTS BY EMAIL checkbox allows all alerts to be sent to this user's email address.

6. Assign the users ROLE from the drop-down.

Client Admin rights: By selecting Client admin from the dropdown user will have the right to see alerts, modify and create users. 

7. In the BOXES dropdown, select which iPad you will allow the user to access.

Each iPad is a box. This is where all alerts will come from. Having multiple systems allows you to manage which features and locations users have access to. 

For example, you have two buildings and you want the alerts from each building to be visible only to the security personnel in that building. Here is where you would set that up for the user.


advanced settings for a user selection.