"WDS Report" explained

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1. Log in to the Athena Admin Control Center with the Username and Password provided by Athena Support or your organization's admin. 

Login at http://wds.athena-security.com

Once logged in, the Alerts view is the default view. In the top left, you will see your organization's name. iosapp is the name of our demonstration environment below.

admin console alerts page

2. Click on WDS report.

3. Date field: can choose one date or interval dates

Double click to choose one date. All data appears for one day only.

For interval dates, click first date and last date to see a report for example for 8 days.

4. WDS Station: enable station for which one you want to see the report. 


Object Types: Default will have 10 enabled items inside. You can uncheck the checkbox if you want to see only specific objects.  (Call Athena if you would like to change your object types from the given 10 defaulted.
List Confirmed objects:

  • Edge Knives

  • Gun

  • Knife

  • Other

  • Prohibited

  • Vape

List False objects:

  • Glasses case

  • Items combined

  • Laptop

  • Walker

  • Wheel chair

6. “Split Graphs Option by Date” checkbox (use this if you want to each day individually displayed, not just a summary of the dates in one graph) if you want to see every date from interval dates (ex.: August 1st-8th - report should appear for every data August 1,2,3,4,5…8). Day represents 24 hours of that day.  If you only want 1 day click twice on the day you wish to see

7.    Show Summary Table” appears if “Split Graphs by Date” was marked. Summary table appears with different columns:   

  • WDS Station

  • Gun

  • Knife

  • Other

  • Vape

  • Glasses case

  • Items combined

  • Laptop

  • Walker

  • Wheel chair

  • All Alerts

8.   Report Settings blue button. 

Customers can send daily or/and weekly reports to their emails using settings.

Pop up window appears with:

  • Send reports: Off, Daily, Weekly, Daily and Weekly

  • Send a report to email: ensure to enter your email address.

  • Time when to send: enter time when you want to receive a report.

  • Days when to send: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Timezone: different time zones when to generate and send reports.

  • WDS Stationchoose wds station for your report.

  • Split Graphs by Date checkbox: mark it if you want to see Graphs by date for a specific period of time (interval dates). Every date from the interval should appear with graphs and data.

  • Show Summary Table” checkbox becomes active if you enable “Split Graphs by Date”. Enable summary table if you want to see all data like in step 5 above in your report.

Save button - to save data. Cancel button - to close the pop up window and come back to the WDS report page.

9.   Export Report to PDF blue button.

Click the button and the pdf report appears in the Downloads folder.

When you marked checkbox for “Split Graphs by Date” and click on the “Export Report” button a pop up window appears where you can enter your email and click the “Submit” button for confirmation to receive the pdf file report or click on “Close” button to come back to the WDS report page.

WDS Report includes:

  • WDS Station

  • Date/Interval Dates

  • Total Visitors 

(total people for the time period chosen)

  • Max Visitors per hour

  • Alarm Rate for the time chosen and by hour

  • Object Found Graph

weapons detection system report main page

Alarm Rate by hour for weapons detection system report


If “Show Summary Table” is active, additional table appears:

Summary Table check box for weapons detection system report

Summary Table for weapons detection system report

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