Athena and Envoy have partnered to offer you a more complete security solution. By pairing Envoy and Athena you can conduct a comprehensive screening on each visitor before they can walk through the door. 

Before pairing Envoy with Athena, you will need: 

  • An Athena system
  • An Envoy account
  • A static IP address for the Athena router
  • An ethernet port, within wifi range of the Athena system, for the Athena router
  • An external IP address that allows inbound communications, and forwards to the static IP above
  • Send the static an external IP addresses to The Athena support team will then provide you with a sensor URL (used in step 5 below)

Linking Athena and Envoy

  1. Open the envoy dashboard
  2. Click on the Integrations link on the left panel
  3. Select Health and Safety 
  4. Scroll to Athena and click the Configure button
  5. On the first tab (Sensor Setup), enter the URL provided by Athena support. Then click save configuration
  6. On seconds tab (Webhook) copy provided URL and send it to