1. Log in to the Athena Admin Control Center with Username and Password provided by Athena Support or your organization's admin. 

Login at wds.athena-security.com

Once logged in, the Alerts view is the default view. In the top left, you will see your organization's name. iosapp is the name of our demonstration environment below.

admin console alerts page

2. Click on "Third Party" button in menu options

3. Fill out the information in the Milestone Analytics Event plugin page.  

    (1.) Title- Create a name for the plugin integration to make it easy to understand.  

    (2.) URL of your Milestone Analytics EventAPI URL. 

    (3.) Username must come from your Milestone Analytics Event system that gives Athena permission to send API calls.

    (4.) Password

    (5.) Alert types- Choose the types of Alerts you wish to forward, like only Object Detected or a High Temperature, depending on how you have your system configured to run.

4. Click Save your done