Athena Weapon Detection System 1.49

Modified on Thu, 28 Mar 2024 at 05:30 PM

Release notes: Version 1.49.0

Release date: Jan 31, 2024

New Features on WDS and VMS✨

  1. VMS Details Report: Introduced a new report feature in the Visitor Management System (VMS), that allows to see the historical views for each  visitor. Filter them by visited department, location and date.

  2. CRM Customer Record updates: We have added Avatar of the visitor to the top of the page, and a counter of their visits. Now users can see the visit history of each visitor in their profile. See which department they have visited, when they have done the checkin and checkout. 

  3. Departments in CRM. In CRM we have created departments entity which is now separate from Rooms. Customers can create their departments from the CRM page, then for each room select in which department it belongs. Departments are later used in the VMS app and in our reporting. 

  4. Enhanced Search and Filtering Capabilities: Significant improvements have been made to the search and filtering functions within our Reporting and CRM modules, providing a more streamlined and efficient user experience.

  5. CRM Duplicate Entry Bug Fix: Resolved an issue causing duplicate entries of customers in our CRM system, enhancing data integrity and accuracy.

  6. WDS Users Report and Automated Export for Customers: Introduced a new WDS Users report and an automated export function specifically tailored for customer needs. Automated reports include IRR, WDS test, WDS and NetID.

  7. Consolidated WDS Reports: Implemented the ability to display all WDS reports on a single page, with an added functionality to export these reports collectively as one PDF file.

  8. Enhanced New Employee Creation Process: Added several validations and requirements to the backend process for creating new employee profiles, increasing data accuracy and security.

  9. Alerts Page Bug Fixes: Addressed and resolved specific bugs in the Alerts page, particularly focusing on issues where drop-down menus failed to display values.

  10. Preferred Name Option in VMS: Enhanced the VMS by allowing customers to enter a preferred name, which will be reflected in reports and printed passes. This feature also supports updating the preferred name for future visits.

  11. WDS Test Report Enhancements: The WDS Test report now offers differentiation by test sessions, allowing for individual session viewing with accurate duration tracking. This update applies to new reports, while existing ones remain unchanged. Also а bug fix has been applied to the WDS Test report's date field, ensuring accurate and reliable datе representation.

  12. Improved WDS Test Report Exporting: Updated the export functionality for the WDS Test report, addressing issues related to overlapping in multiple calendars and including session details.

  13. NetID Report Fixes and Enhancements: Fixed the NetID report and introduced new fields based on the requests.

  14. Enhanced User Security with Password Reset Functionality: Added a password reset feature for users, along with stringent validation rules for password creation, reinforcing our commitment to heightened security.

  15. Flexible Report Exporting by Date: Introduced the capability to execute report exports using a code for any selected date range, offering greater flexibility and ability to regenerate the reports for the given period.

  16. VMS app on IOS also received several updates, including the selection of the department, better print, better handling of returning customers, more languages, and many other  fixes behind the scenes for better app stability and performance. We have also updated the UI of the app, created  new visitor type "Minor", new printing design, reset button and more. 


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