Athena's Elevated Temperature Detection platform is capable of using the same thermal imaging that detects body temperatures to detect the cool metal of a gun against warm human skin. 

When gun detection is enabled: 

  • The system will automatically prompt visitors to complete a weapons scan after scanning for temperature
  • The iPad screen will prompt users to raise their arms, and scan for weapons

When using gun detection, it is important to know:

  • For a front and back scan, either 2 thermal cameras are needed, or users will need to turn around and be scanned twice
  • The scanner is meant to scan through 1 layer of clothing; visitor should remove all outerwear for the most accurate experience
  • The system uses thermal scanning; if a gun is warmed to near-body temperature, such as through prolonged body contact or being left in the sun, the system will not detect the weapon
  • The system can only scan torsos, legs or other body parts out of the camera's field of view cannot be scanned