The elevated temperature detection platform can also scan visitors to ensure they are wearing a mask. The app can provide real time feedback to visitors and send no-mask alerts to the Athena command center, email, and mobile phones. To enable mask detection: 

  1. Tap on the owl logo and enter your password
  2. Tap the owl logo again, and enter your admin settings password to visit the admin settings page
  3. Tap on the button labeled Tap to Enable/Disable Features and access associated settings.
  4. Toggle on Mask Mode On to enable mask detection
  5. To enable cloud alerts for individuals not properly wearing a mask, toggle on Mask Server Notifications
  6. Tap Done then tap Exit to return to the app
  7. The app will now toggle between temperature and mask screening for each visitor

Note: This feature uses the front-facing camera on the iPad, which must be pointing toward visitors to work.