Release notes: Version 2.9999992

Release date: February 18, 2021

New Features

  1. Mask detection the system can scan visitors to ensure they are wearing a mask, and trigger alerts if not
  2. Thermal gun detection (beta) the system can scan visitors to detect the cold metal of a gun against their skin, and trigger an alert if a weapon is detected
  3. Survey questions the application can ask users survey questions (e.g. CDC recommending screening questions about COVID-19 exposure and symptoms); users can touchlessly complete the survey
  4. RFID badge integration the system can integrate with RFID readers, so that users must pass Athena's screening before being able to unlock the door
  5. Login using ACC username and password users can now login to the app using their username/password from the Athena Control Center (
  6. Envoy integration users can now link their Athena kiosk to Envoy; this will send temperature reports to the Envoy reporting portal
  7. Send one alert per face users can leverage facial tracking to limit alerts to one per visitor, if the same person walks past the system twice in a row
  8. Tracking crop lets users restrict the camera's field of view, so that if there are reflective surfaces in the background, the system doesn't detect temperatures refracting off those surfaces