The iPad Kiosk is designed to be fully automated - the kiosk is self-monitoring and does not require an operator once it is installed. 

To ensure that your system is fully protected from accidental user error, the settings page is password protected. If you want to make any changes, please call or email Athena support (833-928-4362 x 2 | for the password. We will help you access the settings page, and ensure the changes do not hurt system performance. 

On the user settings page, you can: 

  1. Customize the temperature that triggers a "high temp" alert
  2. Turn voice guides on and off
  3. Turn on temperature announcements (the system will announce "temperature high" or "temperature normal" for each visitor)
  4. Display temperatures on the screen (when disabled, the system will display a red X for high temperatures, and a green check mark for normal temperatures)
  5. Enable misconfiguration mode, so so the system automatically finds the HSRP when moved
  6. Blur the body of individuals being screened, to protect privacy
  7. Display an avatar over visitors faces, to protect privacy
  8. Change the password used to access this user settings page
  9. Reconnect the thermal camera if it is not detected by the iPad
  10. Log out of your Athena account (use this if you are moving the iPad to a new location)

On the admin settings page, you can: 

  1. Enable mask detection, gun detection, and badge reader integrations
  2. Customize the length of the audio alarm
  3. Crop the thermal camera's field of view (useful if you have windows, elevators, or other reflective surfaces in the background)
  4. Change the admin settings password
  5. Send images to the Athena Control Center ( for individuals with a high temperature
  6. Send images to the Athena Control Center ( for individuals with a normal temperature
  7. Send visual camera images to the Athena Control Center (when this is toggled off, the thermal camera image will upload)
  8. Use facial tracking to prevent duplicate alerts if the same person walks into the field of view twice
        8a. If this is turned on, use the slider to determine how long the iPad will cache facial images, to prevent duplicate alerts
  9. Setup the Envoy integration
  10. Set up the number of decimals to display in temperature readings
  11. Show temperatures in Fahrenheit (if toggled off, the system will display Celsius)