This guide will take you through a step-by-step process of how to install and configure your Athena system. Before getting started, you’ll need: 

  • A designated spot for your camera, HSRP, and iPad Pro.
  • A power outlet near each of those spots, or extension cables.

Don’t want to do it yourself? Our installation team is here for you. To ask about cost and timeline of install packages, call your sales rep or the sales line at: 833-928-4362 x 1


  1. Infrared Camera

  2. Heat Source Reference Point (HSRP Blackbody)

  3. iPad Pro

  4. Two Tripods (or wall mounts)

  5. iPad/Camera holder

  6. Infrared A/C Adapter and Power Cord

  7. Heat Source Reference Point Power Cord

  8. 2ft Ethernet CAT5 for iPad Pro

  9. 20ft Ethernet CAT5 for iPad (optional) 

  10. USBC-ethernet adapter, crossover adapter, and

  11. L-connector

Step 1: iPad Pro

  1. Unbox one tripod*, the iPad Pro and iPad holder

  2. Mount the iPad holder onto the tripod, and insert the iPad into the holder. 

  3. Connect the black L-connector to USB-C port on the bottom of the iPad 

  4. Connect the USB-C ethernet adapter to the L-Connector

  5. Turn the iPad on

*if using wall mounts, follow the same instructions throughout, replacing “tripod” with “wall mount”

Step 2: Infrared (IR) Camera

  1. Connect the IR camera to the tripod using the screw and holder provided

  2. Plug power cable included into the back of IR camera, and connect to the power 

  3. Connect the red ethernet crossover adapter to back of thermal camera

  4. Connect one end of an ethernet cable to the red crossover adapter, and connect the other piece to the USBC-ethernet adapter (connected to the iPad from step 1)

  5. Adjust the tripod so the infrared camera is at eye-level

Step 3: HSRP (Heat Source Reference Point)

  1. Screw the HSRP Blackbody onto the remaining tripod 

  2. Adjust the tripod height to be at least 7 feet tall

  3. Position the HSRP 4-12 feet from the camera, facing the camera lens

  4. Connect the HSRP to power, and turn on

Step 4: Calibration

  1. Open Temperature Detection App from iPad Pro, and step out of view of the camera

  2. You will hear a message, “standby for HSRP Configuration”. The system will find the HSRP on the screen, and identify it with a black box

  3. You will then hear “HSRP found, now scanning for human temperatures”, step into the field of view at this point and you should see a temperature reading. 

  4. Call Athena to confirm your system is fully configured: 833-928-4362 x 2 (Monday-Friday; 8am - 6pm PT)

    NOTE: If the image is unclear, spin the lens of the camera to adjust the focus.