Apply, get interviewed, sign mutual NDA, provide references, and self-study.
Upfront commission structure on Software as a service.

Athena's Value Added Reseller Program

An ideal partner for us will be the one able to add value during each stage of the business process and  end-user support: pre-sales, contract closure, implementation, customer support and resale.

Each Athena’s partner gets a commission, which is a percentage of the revenue from each client, during the whole period of a customer lifetime. 

We are looking for long term partners with similar philosophy and desire to work closely with end-users, helping them to make their facilities safer with our world class security solutions. 

Value-add resellers (VARs) typically have strong current relationships with physical security system decision makers, and may also represent complementary product lines such as cameras and VMS’s. 

Ability for VAR to Demonstrate is Expected

Athena will help with initial demonstrations and assist with major accounts and strategic sales.

In order to conduct demonstrations, VAR agrees to procure a system with NVIDIA GPU, cabling, replica gun prop (if legal), camera stand and camera, which meet technical specifications.

$15,400 covers a Demonstration Unit with GPU hardware, detection software, camera, camera stand and cabling. 

Besides that, we are sending VARs the Self-Study training materials and directly assisting them with the first several prospective sales opportunities through installation, so that they (VARs) can also learn by doing.

Post-Sale through Go-Live

Athena provides technical expertise for implementing the solution, licensing for the service, and the appropriate documentation and support. VAR sets expectations with end-user in line with capabilities. 

VAR or End-user both can submit customer support tickets.

Athena provides an on-boarding team and works directly with counterparts at end-user organisation.

Athena handles remote support.  

VAR is expected to be an “on the ground” point person, when needed for on-boarding and support. 

VAR is responsible for physical presence on-site with end user during pre-sale process, and through sales agreement contract signature.