Release notes: Version 1.20.0528

Release date: June 8, 2020

New Features

  1. Configurable audio alerts users can configure the audio alert to play a variety of sound options
    1. To access this feature, click on settings gearwheel > config system > data storage > select one of 4 alerts from the dropdown
    2. Alert options
      1. Alarm 1 - "Please wait for further assistance"
      2. Alarm 2 - siren sound effect
      3. Alarm 3 - siren sound effect
      4. Alarm 4 - siren sound effect
  2. Option to hide temperature on display users can now hide the numeric temperature on the visual display screen. (The system will show red for an elevated temperature, or green for a healthy temperature, at all times.)
    1. To hide temperatures, click on settings gearwheel > config system > data storage > then check or uncheck the show temperature checkbox
    2. NOTE: if your system does not display temperatures, the alert portal will not display them either
  3. Customize when to send alerts users can customize if they want the system to send alerts for every person, people with an elevated temperature, or no one
    1. To access this setting click on settings gearwheel > config system > data storage > then decide when to send alerts from the dropdown
  4. Celsius display Athena can display temperatures in celsius
    1. This is a separate version of the app that must be installed by the Athena support team. If you are interested in this version, email

Accessibility Updates

  1. Settings shortcuts
    1. Added shortcut to "config HSRP" in the settings dropdown
    2. Configurable settings migrated under the config system menu
  2. Calibration warning a warning window will pop up if the system detects temperatures outside the expected range and suggest troubleshooting steps
  3. Alerts paused during calibration if the system is showing as incorrectly calibrated, alerts are paused to avoid unnecessary alarm
  4. Alg guidance box a green box is present to serve as a landmark when configuring HSRP

Technical Updates

  1. Improved screen resolution on images to detect and correct for face masks. (Note: ALG may need to be recalibrated when this upgrade takes effect, and the visual camera may need to zoom out)
  2. Support RTSP over TCP, RTSP over UDP - this lets the iPad display real-time data with no lag compared to the monitor
  3. Updated naming process for alert files