Temperature detection with infrared thermal cameras has been around for over a decade, and used extensively outside of the USA by national governments. The underlying infrared tech was originally developed over 40 years ago, and is viewed as a mature technology. 

Athena is rapidly improving this mature temperature detection technology to work throughout a diverse set of environments. We have deployed Elevated Body Temperature Detection Systems in Fortune 500 companies, Texas Department of Emergency Management, hospital networks, food production, manufacturers and 911 call centers, to name a small group of applications for our technology. One of our first Elevated Body Temperature Detection customers, says that Athena is a game changer because of its: 1) accuracy 2) speed and 3) ease of use/install/operations.

Also, our company has another advanced technology, Gun Detection, it is an outstanding technical accomplishment, in line with our Temperature Detection Technology.  A white paper written by Texas State University is listed on the front page of our website. Given the COVID-19 crises, Athena wants to be a part of the solution to the pandemic, so we quickly adapted our tech to solve for this new threat.